One dress, three interpretations

One dress, three interpretations

Welcome back to Joua to The Rescue! Black clothes can be so simple and yet striking.  But the meaning changes based on its context. 

In today’s look my frequent photographer Mao Chang and I explored a beautiful land used for a church. Right when you enter the property the landscape has a few pretty places for photoshoot! In this post then I want to share with you the few different sub-places we photographed to go with this satin black dress by H&M. These different backgrounds from the same location show that the context can change the mood of the subject in the picture. #apictureisworthathousandwordsIMG_0055

Green field: The land here is spacious that it made sense to make me the focal point in this photo. And let the outfit speaks for itself. Tip then is to pick background with little noise and be the center of it.


Nature and water: I love taking photos with a combination of nature in the background because it brings the picture to life and tells the story a little bit more. Tip then is to pick a background that helps to tell a story.


The bridge: Bridges, like stairs, are a great way to create “frozen action”.  Tip then is to pick a bridge where you can walk at different levels to capture your confidence in style.

I hope those few tips on how choosing different backgrounds can help bring your outfit alive and thus, produce beautiful images!



H&M dress

similar here (on sale!).

New York and Company chain knot necklace

exact here (on sale!).

Photos || SP by Mao Chang