Based in North Carolina, Joua to the Rescue is a style blog focused on helping women achieve an affordable style without sacrificing quality, so they can continue to lead life in style with confidence. 

She created this blog inspired by the event she frequently encountered during shopping, "Where can I get good quality clothes but yet affordable?" Having been able to satisfactorily fulfill this life long mission, she also became naturally confident in herself, and opened minded to intertwining high with low end fashion, new and mostly worn clothes, with a chic spin. 

Now, she's ready to help other women do the same. 

The blog covers outfit guides, the best of affordable and quality fashion and beyond!

P.S. I recently started an "ASK JOUA ANYTHING" thread, please join and ask anything. 


Joua (pronounced Ju-wa) Angela Yang is married to Kao Chang, an HR Assistant by day, an alumnus of St. Olaf College,  love oysters and the night life!!

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