I want to get to know your fashion world more, and be able to help you find an affordable and quality style that allows you to "lead life in style".  So, Ask Me (Joua) Anything about fashion, plus anything reallly that your heart desires!


If you're stuck what to ask, look below for some topic ideas you may want more knowledge about!


  • I got 10 minutes to get ready, so what should I wear?
  • 7 days of real fashion for the modern women
  • Where can I really find affordable and quality fashion?
  • Mix high and low fashion
  • Dressing up and down for a young married woman
  • Career development
  • Be and look confident
  • Life after post-college
  • Bonding time with the husband
  • My favorite food on weekdays + weekends
  • Questions about positivism...


And the list goes on. 


Ask Me Anything. Fashion or more.

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