Brands on Repeat

I relaunched my blog with the overall mission to inspire my female readers to lead life in style, a style that is attainable, of great quality, and represents the "realness" of that woman. 

Growing up with little income, my mom exposed me to thriting and clearance racks where I bought discounted brand name items. Once I got my first job in administrative, I expanded my fashion horizon and visited the Mall of America almost weekly and bought my first Henri Bendel clutch, and became a frequent customer of Bebe.

In essence I was turning into the woman I wanted to be, taking fashion risks, letting go of what did not work, and keeping the things that did, like relationships and jobs. As a result, I'd like to share the affordable and quality women's fashion brands I repeatedly wear 2017 because they in no doubt make me feel confident as a woman!


1. H&M.  The brand makes it clear that they are about fashion and quality at the best deals. I can count on H&M for my entire life, ahhahaha. Their style meets every occasion I go to and the roles I take with greatttt style without breaking the bank, from office fashion, party wear, streetstyle, and outdoor attire. And, I think it's just that kind of brand every woman, man, and kid can relate to! #coolbeanz

2. BEBE  I love BEBE for casual and super sexy clothes! It's the brand I wear on the weekend. It's the brand I can feel like myself , strong and sexy, with class. 

3. Zara I started wearing Zara about two months ago. I love that their style focuses on trendy streetwear, and makes the most simple item so cute and fashion-forward while staying fairly humble with their price line. 

4. Saks Off Fifth I shopped at Fifth for the first time in Dallas, Texas last year during a business trip and got some black booties with sleek shiny heels. People loved how chic and sophisticated the boots were. They were made of suede, wear out fast too, but still digging their amazing selections of discounted high ends!

5. Henri Bendel Their simple designs and strong quality hand bags is what makes me return to them. Plus, their style is feminine and a bit glamorous enough for a casual day and night out. 

What affordable and quality women's fashion are you repeatedly wearing in 2017? 


Submit fashion Q&A's in the comment box! I'll do my best to answer it on my next blog post. 

Photos by Noemi Gutieres

My Style Today & Guess Distressed Jeans

I am happy

to return to blogging after a one year hiatus. I went through many life changes and needed some time to figure myself out before I commit to blogging again. I started a new job, got married, moved to NC from MN, and am living with a new family. #lifehappensright?

On this day of my photoshoot, I said to my husband, "I feel sooo good to dress up again, because I felt like myself." This whole year my fashion style faded in and out, mirroring the unanswered life events and decisions I had dealt with. But my personality shined and bit brighter than before on this day, I felt confident again; this  is why I believe men and women should dress in a way that speaks for themselves as it will enable that person to lead life confidently. 

style tip

Go with distressed jeans for a day, for a stress free day. 

I am loving this light blue Guess distressed jeans I bought from the Charlotte Premium Outlet, and it's my second pair  I owe. ahhahaha. #notyourjeangirl #willtry. This is also my very first jeans from Guess, and love how durable the jeans feel and fits well on my small bottom. I feel edgy and liberated in these jeans, a true representation of who I am today as young woman. When paired with a similar blue silky halter top (this one by BEBE), it adds a pretty contrast, where it's fancy on top but pretty badass at the bottom. Ahaha. Thanks for being with me today on this post, I'll return next week for another post to rescue your day/fashion questions!

Submit fashion requests in the comment box! I'll do my best to answer it on my next blog post. 


Photos by kao chang

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