Fall transitional outfit 2017: look cute in a skirt!

Fall transitional outfit 2017: look cute in a skirt!

I can't believe

the fall season just started. It makes me look back and wonder all the great summer experiences I had and use those as references on how I want to spend the fall season. I live in the south and the temperature still remains hot around the 80 degrees and thought how I could  slowly but easily incorporate a summer piece into my fall wardrobe without spending anymore money. 

Every time we enter a new season, it's easy to go shopping and buy almost a whole new wardrobe first. Let's take a step back, and access what we do have in stock and grow from there to build our first transitional summer to fall look without breaking the bank. Here, I am styling this cute Express skirt with gold zipper details, with another Express cropped top with criss crosses. 

When it comes to fall fashion, it's that season I feel naturally to dress more spontaneously because I can layer thin cashmere underneath a turtleneck, three thin scarves on top, and an oversize pea coat and would look great at that end. For example, in this look, I am wearing a slightly ware out thin cotton long sleeve t-shirt with some minor stains, and layered the crop top above  to conceal, and bring the whole look together. #fashionsecret ahhahah. I wanted to keep my first summer to fall transitional outfit minimum without spending money even if that meant wearing something that needed a replacement in the near future. 

style tip

Due to that I live in the south, breathing in this hot air, it made sense for me to layer lightly and only with one layer. Other layering tips I found helpful for your very first summer to fall transitional outfits without spending money are: 

  • Build the outfit with already existing  summer wardrobe pieces such as a mesh sweater and off shoulder blouse
  • Start layering with the item that will have first contact on your skin
  • Then, layer on the next thickest item you already own from the previous fall and continue

Photos by kao chang


Express skirt. Similar here. 

Express Crop top. Similar here (*elegant style*)

Hand me down boots. Similar here

Coach satchel purse.  Exact one on Ebay.

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  1. September 27, 2017 / 3:48 PM

    Love the booties!