I Moved to NC

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A few of my personal friends and family know that I moved to NC and now living with my husband and in-laws.The big adjustment has been okay and easier than I thought. What made my emotional transition manageable would be credited to my sociology and anthropology educational background and my “I know I’ll have fun no matter where I go. The choice is mine” kind-of-attitude. My educational background taught me that a single person’s life is multisectoral because there are a few internal (stress, happiness, and food) and external (parents, school, and work) factors that influence our choices daily simultaneously. Some factors are out of mine while much of them are under my control. And the single control I have is making that one decision after factoring pros and cons and other’s people’s feelings and be proud of it. So of course I’m happy to start a new life with my gentleman because anything is possible today! The choice is yours.


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